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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gurmit Singh's Testimony - Don't Play With God!

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TESTIMONY - Don't play play with God! byGurmit Singh's (Phua Choo Kang)

I found this testimony most appropriate for this issue. Below are extracts of Gurmit Singh's (Phua Choo Kang) conversion and life as a Christian. The original testimony is from a Christian magazine called "Agape". Editor– Gerry Pereira.

" My father worked as a security guard and my family couldn't afford all the nice things money could buy," recalls Gurmit.

He holds his Mc Donald's Fillet O fish for several seconds before he eats it. Now he savours it not because he won't be able to afford another for a long, long time, but because he is thankful to God for all the blessings showered upon him as he recall s his humble beginnings when he had to save a weeks pocket money to buy a Fillet O fish.

The Conversion

God was the last thing on Gurmit's mind. When his older sisters first accepted Christ while in their late teens. He slapped his sisters when he first learned they had become born-again Christians. To fuel his ammunition to belittle the new found faith of his sisters he attended a Christian Rally at their invitation. "Instead I was moved to tears and I felt the presence of God so strongly that the hair on my arms stood up, I accepted Christ at this rally," said Gurmit.

In 1984 his mother was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors declared that she had no more than six months to live. Gurmit's sisters brought a pastor over to pray for her. This pastor was very firm in letting his whole family know that Jesus was not 'Santa Claus' to fulfil their hearts desires. "He told us Jesus is God and only when we submit to Him can we receive His blood covering and protection and healing. But we are to trust Him no matter what happens," recalls Gurmit

While reading Bible one day, the verse in Matthew 7:7 – Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. encouraged Gurmit to ask God to let his mum live longer so she could see him married and play with her grandchildren.

"My parents are old fashioned and I know there is nothing more important to them than to see their children settled down in happy marriages. It gives them the peace to leave this world knowing we are fine."

Increase in Faith

After his prayer Gurmit's mum continued to receive chemotherapy and one day after a thorough medical examination, a very perplexed doctor told Gurmit that there was no trace of any cancer cells.

"Whatever it is you are doing outside this hospital, please continue doing it, "remarked the doctor".

This miraculous healing increased Gurmit's faith. As his career prospered he remained a loving son to his parents and credits Christianity for keeping his feet firmly on the ground while his career soared.

"I don't want to change. I want to be the same guy who owned one pair of shoes during my school days. My Christian faith has kept me humble as humility is one of the qualities required of a good Christian.

Gurmit loves the way he can have a relationship with God where he can be absolutely honest and transparent to the point of even getting angry with Him.

Gurmit says that he is only human and even when he stumbles like getting angry with God when his mother's cancer returned after 16 years, the Holy Spirit always gives him the answers he seeks.

"My mum had followed Christianity for a time but my dad was a very stubborn man and resented the fact that his entire family had become Christians. Just to stand by her husband, my mother stopped practicing her faith.

After 16 long years of perfect health, my mother fell ill with cancer again. I became angry with God, but the Holy Spirit gently reminded me that God had given her enough time to see me married and spend quality time with her grandchildren too. She also sincerely confessed Jesus as her Lord a week before she died. What more could I ask for?", said Gurmit.

"God understands we are hurting and finds a way to comfort us because with our small, human brain we cannot comprehend His thoughts," explains Gurmit.


"God has blessed me so very much. I have a beautiful wife and lovely children. I want to bless Him in return by raising a Christian family that serves the Lord in every area of our lives," said Gurmit who was the main speaker at the Star Christian Fellowship Fourth Thanksgiving Dinner in October last year. This is The Star Newspaper's annual Christian fellowship dinner in Singapore .

"I always make sure I have time for God and my family. I make it a point not to work on Sundays. I'm also hired to host many functions and weekends are the most popular times to hold these functions.

I have turned down lucrative offers to host functions on Sundays. God has been faithful. Some people are willing to work their schedules around mine and understand my commitment to my faith," said Gurmit. " I'm a performer. What you see on the screen is only art. It's not who I am. When I rest in God I am constantly reminded of who I am, where I'm heading and what my true values in life are," shared Gurmit .

"I told a journalist from the Singapore 's Straits Times that Jesus is my hero. He is a true star and deserves to be hero worshipped while He walked on earth because He was not acting. He is the King of kings and he remained humble right to accepting His destiny on the cross", said Gurmit.

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